I tirelessly searched Google for a way to databind a strongly typed list to an Asp.Net ListView control without any good results, so now that I’ve figured this out, I thought I’d post it for the sake of others in the same boat.  This is really very simple.

From what I can tell there is no Design View support for DataBinding to a ListView.

You can, however, bind the ListView from the code behind, which I believe is a lot cleaner anyway.

List<string> lSampleList = new List<string>();
lvMyListView.DataSource = lSampleList;

<asp:ListView ID=”lvMyListView” runat=”server”>
<%# Container.DataItem %>

Notice that there’s no need to use the Eval() method, because there’s only one value we can get at.  Therefore You must use the Container.DataItem property instead.  Hope this helps!

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